TraceWaste is an intelligent waste management solution that helps you to effectively report on business waste and identify cost efficiencies.

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Ideal for any business where waste is reported or sampled, TraceWaste is an intelligent waste management solution that integrates into your waste collection processes, helping you to effectively report on business waste and identify cost efficiencies.

The TraceWaste solution is programmable to track your waste stream of choice, be it food waste, paper, plastics or any other type of waste stream. The data can be collected from a single location or collated from multiple business sites, to build a highly accurate reporting tool that can help to effectively manage waste across your business. Data is then displayed on a dashboard for you to see at a glance how your business is performing and where efficiencies could be made.

TraceWaste allows organisations to:

  • Reduce waste effectively and keep a detailed and highly accurate record of waste reduction methods
  • Quickly and efficiently capture waste data for local authority KPI monitoring and compliance and for internal reporting
  • Record and store a full audit trail; storing time, date and transaction ID against each weighing transaction.

Detailed waste data can be captured and recorded into different sub categories, including site, department, location, operator, waste category, group and product and reason codes.

TraceWaste comprises of two software products; the Weighlogic database software, designed for use on an office-based PC or server – and also the TraceWaste application, optimised for touchscreen use. The touchscreen terminal will be connected to one of a range of weighing scales, depending on customer need.

TraceWaste: For intelligent waste management

Efficiency – Tracewaste provides a way of tracking and reporting your business waste to help you understand where efficiencies can be made. See at a glance where waste initiatives can be put in place and monitor the impact of them to your business with the system.

CSR – By helping your business reduce waste to landfill, Tracewaste can help boost your corporate social responsibility credentials. It can also provide accurate data to support your annual environmental and sustainability reports.

Revenue Opportunities – For businesses that specialise in waste collection, TraceWaste offers a highly accurate record of waste disposal across multiple sites. The data can be used to charge for waste disposal.

Cost savings – TraceWaste can also help you value and reduce waste caused by over-production on any production line. This can range from food to industrial manufacturing. The solution can help you to reduce waste over time and make valuable cost savings.

Track performance – Tracewaste provides a comprehensive overview of all of your sites’ waste disposal. This can then be displayed by site/location to provide traceability across multiple waste streams.

Key features

User-friendly touchscreen display – minimises operator error and training requirements

Multiple scale platform options – TraceWaste can also link to bench, floor, wall mounted, fixed and portable scales

Wet and dry area options – hardware requirements can also be personalised to the operation environment

Configurable screen layouts – to ensure that operators only use the screen relevant to the procedure

Configurable data entry questions – tailored to fit individual user requirements for ease of use

Printing option – waste receipt tickets for proof of transaction

Configurable reporting – waste reports can also be configured locally, if required

Data export – transfer directly into Excel for more in-depth analysis

Alibi memory option – weighment transactions can also be used as the basis of trade

Send by email – data can be automatically attached to email in a selected format

Networked operation – multiple terminals can also share data and to report to the same database, offering a resilient operation

Remote communication option – remote support can be provided through ‘Team Viewer’ online to diagnose, fix and minimise downtime.

Using the TraceWaste system to monitor waste is simple and can be implemented across many different sectors. From large corporate firms who are seeking to reduce waste and meet CSR goals, to Local Authorities. Indeed, through to specialist waste management facilities. Also used by restaurants, food outlets and canteens to identify where efficiencies can be made. This is then to reduce daily food waste, wholesale markets where waste is charged for disposal, or office environments where waste is segregated and disposed of at cost.

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