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Scales and Weighing Equipment for Arable Farming

Weighing plays an important role in the agricultural and arable farming products industry. Whether tracking arable yields or trading in raw agricultural produce such as wheat, rice, lentils/pulses, sugar-cane, tea or spices, weighing is critical to your bottom line. 

Weighing technology is extremely vital to the efficiency and profitability of any agricultural operation. Correct weighing of produce is necessary both for the buying and selling of produce, monitoring yields, measuring and monitoring moisture content and analysing the data required for future planting decisions.

We provide a range of scales suitable for fruit picking, from platform and floor scales for use in large-scale fruit-picking operations or packing and distribution centres, to checkweighers and washdown scales which can be used to verify the weight of hand-picked fruit.

Platform scalesweighbridges and other scales from Avery Weigh-Tronix are tough enough to perform efficiently in the farming industry and collect this vital information accurately at every step of the way without slowing down your operation.

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