Materials Recovery Facilities

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Scales and Weighing Equipment for Materials Recovery Facilities

Materials Recovery Facilities (also known as Multi re-use facilities, or MRFs) are increasingly important in providing quality raw materials to industry. MRFs separate mixed recyclables into their individual material streams in order to process and prepare them for sale in commodity markets.

The recycling industry revolves around weight, as both the buying and selling of recycled materials are based upon the weight of the collected items. Whether the goal is to optimise profits, to pay for precisely the materials deposited or purchased, or simply to offer an added level of security, weighing equipment capable of reliable and repeatable weighing is essential for improving billing accuracy and the overall bottom line in MRF applications.

In addition, the sampling required by the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2014 determines that waste operators must know the weights within the waste streams that they are dealing with.

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