Renewables / Biomass

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Scales and Weighing Equipment for Renewables / Biomass

Biomass is classed as fuel derived from organic materials such as wood, agricultural crops and waste materials including food and manure. In biomass power plants, waste streams are burned to produce steam that runs a turbine to make electricity, or provide heat to industries and homes.

As with any electrical generation process, Biomass facilities need a steady supply of fuel. In order to optimise processes and achieve more efficient energy production, inputs need to be closely monitored and controlled.

The composition of waste from different sources can vary significantly. Measuring inputs, tracking waste sources and keeping the burner supplied with a uniform volume of waste can help biomass plants to maximise the amount of energy extracted from each tonne of waste. Robust and reliable weighbridges or train scales can be teamed with sophisticated software, weight indicators and complete traffic management solutions to measure and report on vehicles coming into and out of site.

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