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Scales and Weighing Equipment for Services and Facilities Management

Effective facilities management is vital to the success of any organisation. With facilities management professionals now responsible for a vast array of services, you need to be sure that the weighing equipment you invest in, recommend to clients and may even operate yourselves, is efficent and reliable.

Whether you’re responsible for managing incoming and outgoing waste on an industrial site or managing the supply of catering services at an office, providing customers with data is key to success. Scales and systems from Avery Weigh-Tronix provide you with the data you need to measure sustainability initiatives, report on waste reduction, maximise CSR strategies and improve workplace efficiencies.

Specialist waste management software TraceWaste, can help facilities management companies to measure the effectiveness and quantify the financial impact of waste reduction initiatives in most operations, while also complying with industry legislation such as the EU Waste Directive, WEEE Regulations and The Landfill Directive.

In addition, Uptime Select™ service plans maximise uptime and minimise disruption, so you and your customers get the most from your weighing equipment.

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