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Scales and Weighing Equipment for Local Authorities

Local authorities in the UK have a wide scope, providing a wide range of services to people in their areas. Health and social care, planning and housing, management of education and leisure facilities and waste collection, management and disposal part of the remit of a local authority. 

Local authorities are accountable to the public as they are to the government itself. As a result, local authorities must have access to accurate data which can be used to report on various issues, including how public money is spent and waste reduction initiatives.

At the heart of every local authority strategy, is a drive for sustainability and provision of facilities and services for “zero waste”. By working hand in hand with local authorities and waste management providers, we’re able to track individual waste streams, increase recycling rates and identify cost-effective and responsible alternatives for waste.

Weighbridges and floor scales, paired with sophisticated weighing indicators, can help provide accurate data and traceability for complete regulatory compliance in all waste management facilities including energy from wastematerials recycling facilities and civic amenity sites.

From the use of our specialist waste management software TraceWaste, we can help local authorities to measure the effectiveness and quantify the financial impact of waste reduction initiatives in most public sector operations, while also complying with industry legislation such as the EU Waste Directive, WEEE Regulations and The Landfill Directive.

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