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Weighing Solutions for Revenue Protection

Whether shipping goods by road, air or sea, having accurate weight and dimension data is vital to charging correctly and protecting profitability. With patent-pending, the Revenue Protection solution from Avery Weigh-Tronix offers a unique and effective way of capturing freight dimensions and weight while minimising manual capture and input. As the first trade-approved mobile weighing and dimensioning solution on the market, it provides significant time and cost saving versus manual alternatives.  

With its robust, patented design, the Avery Weigh-Tronix forklift scale, combined with our legal for trade mobile digital dimensioning solution, can quickly and accurately capture the weight and dimension of parcels and heavy / large freight. This solution helps to protect against the revenue loss that can be caused by under declaration of consignment weights, while removing the extra processing time and floor space often associated with additional revenue protection checks. 

Key benefits of the Revenue Protection Solution:  

Data capture on the move: 

With durability and accuracy at the very heart of its innovative design, the Avery Weigh-Tronix forklift scale makes it possible to lift, weigh, move and record a load in one operation. The ability to accurately weigh materials while in transit increases productivity by eliminating the need to travel to a floor scale, wait for access and unload the consignment to weigh it. Data is transmitted to a colour, touch-screen indicator, where it is stored while the rest of the information is collected.

Digital dimensioning minimises human-error and replaces manual systems: 

The 3 metre digital dimensioning tape, which is legal for trade, is used to capture an item’s barcode and dimensions. An inbuilt barcode scanner can be used to capture the consignment ID, customer details and routing data, which is transmitted wirelessly into the weight indicator that sits on the forklift truck. This customer and dimensional data is then processed along with weight data to calculate the volumetric weight of the consignment. This process can take place while the item is still sitting on the forklift forks, reducing the number of touch-points and streamlining processes further.

Easy to use weight display calculates dimensional weight: 

The intuitive touch-screen indicator offers a powerful yet easy-to-use solution to store consignment data and integrate with back office systems. The system will automatically calculate a volumetric weight for the consignment and compare it to the actual weight, alerting the operator to consignments where a volumetric surcharge could be applied. The volumetric weight calculation can also be included in the data sent to back office systems dealing with surcharges. Where required, the weight data can also be captured and incorporated into the indictor and software using other materials handling equipment.

Capture lost revenue with a complete audit trail: 

Software within the indicator links to back office systems where it can be used to cross check customerdeclared data with the data provided by the revenue protection system. The data sent to the back office includes date and time and operator ID, as well as the weight and dimensions, providing a verified audit trail in support of surcharges raised.

Finalists in the 2018 Global Freight Awards ‘Product Innovation’ category

Finalists in the 2018 Global Freight Awards ‘Product Innovation’ category.


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