Track raw materials into production and waste output to identify inefficiencies

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Data Power software monitors product movement across production areas, in order to calculate yield and improve profitability and ultimately, return on investment.

This software tracks raw materials into production and waste out of it, helping you to identify and remove inefficiencies.

Multiple reporting formats to suit your business needs

The software makes reporting easy, in a style that works best for your business.  Formats include standard line, summaries, Pareto graphs, histograms and pie charts.

Weighing software customisable to your particular application

Data Power gives you the ability to create look-up tables with numerous data fields, customised to your particular operation.

In addition, a look-up table of the tare weights of containers can be loaded and continuously updated.

Works with multiple weighing scales/equipment at once

Data Power is designed to work with multiple pieces of weighing equipment, like bench or floor scales, to accommodate most size skips, trolleys or other bulk material cartons.

Scanners and label printers can also be added to the system for additional efficiency.

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