Weighbridge services

Avery Weigh-Tronix offer an unrivalled service when it comes to weighbridges. From our central location just outside of Birmingham, we ensure our 200+ service engineers and 10 weighbridge test units provide a efficient, premium service, covering all parts of the UK. We don’t just offer Avery weighbridge calibration. We can calibrate and provide support for all competitor weighbridges too.

On-site weighbridge repairs

A broken-down weighbridge usually means loss of business or a serious inconvenience. That’s why we’ve invested in a large network of highly skilled engineers, to make sure you can keep downtime to a minimum. We can even offer an uptime guarantee if you opt to take out our weighbridge service cover options.

Weighbridge repairs that can be done on-site:

Our teams of specialist, highly trained engineers are the proud owners of new Ford transit vans that act as their mobile workshop. Each technician’s van has all the equipment they’ll require to carry out any work that needs to be undertaken on site.

Weighbridge test unit for calibration and verification

Avery Weigh-Tronix’s weighbridge test unit fleet is the largest in the UK. Combined with our extensive service network, we’re able to offer a fast calibration and verification service which meets your needs.

Our 10 weighbridge test units are strategically placed across the UK to offer market leading verification for our customers and services for operations without our service cover plans too.

When a trade approved weighbridge requires a repair, a weighbridge test unit must reverify the weighbridge for legal-for-trade

Until reverification takes place, weighbridge accuracy can’t be relied on for trading goods or services, meaning that businesses can end up out of pocket, or unable to transact business at all. With the demand for weighbridge test units so high, it can sometimes take weeks for a test unit to become available from other service providers.

We understand the demand for weighbridge reverification and have grown our fleet to meet this demand. We have full control over scheduling and prioritisation that is not possible when using third party units.

Our groundbreaking Uptime Select weighbridge service plans include reverification services as standard. But we can also provide reverification services with no contract required, to get your operation up and running as quickly as possible.


All of our calibration and verification services are conducted with weights uniquely identified and traceable to National Standards of Mass. All test weights are calibrated by UKAS / ISO17025 accredited laboratories.

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