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The BSQ bench scale base range offers an unrivalled combination of accuracy and strength. The high quality Avery Weigh-Tronix Quartzell™ weight transducer allows users to weigh any item, from a miniature component to an 80 kg box, while the design offers exceptional protection against tough environments.

  • New Quartzell base technology
  • 1 billion internal counts
  • Up to 3.5 million usable resolution
  • 100,000 divisions non verifiable accuracy
  • Repeatability +/- 0.01g

Unrivalled Accuracy

The BSQ is a highly accurate digital bench base with over 1 billion internal counts and a readability of over 3.5 million divisions (unapproved). In practice, this means that the BSQ can detect even the tiniest of weight changes with astounding precision.

Featuring the very latest state of the art suspended Quartzell technology, the BSQ guarantees repeatable balance accuracy at all times. Small and large items can be weighed on a single base, allowing one scale to do a job that might previously have required several. With a fast return to zero between readings, the BSQ provides the speed and repetitive accuracy that can be vital in situations where highly accurate weight readings are required.



The clamshell cover is fully enclosed, reducing the likelihood of environmental interference caused by the accumulation of dust and dirt or even drafts which might otherwise cause slight nuances in weighing accuracy. An optional draft cover is available for the low capacity 1kg and 5kg BSQ bases, to help combat the effect of small air movements on the scale’s accuracy and performance.


Fluids and Dirt

Built-in drip pathways help to channel unwanted dirtand fluids away from critical areas within the base. This clever design makes the scale suitable for use in dirty, oily environments where liquids such as cutting fluids could otherwise affect the accuracy of the Quartzell weighing element.


Thermal Resistance

The internal design of the higher capacity 35kg to 80kg scale offers an excellent thermal coupling barrier, enabling weighing of hot items while protecting against a thermal shift that could affect the accuracy of the base.

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Technical specification

Available capacities Resolution Product weight Size variants Approvals and certificates

35kg /70 lb & 80kg /150lb

Minimum recommended non verifiable division size
0.00002 lb (0.01 g) off the 70 lb (35kg) BSQ base
0.00005 lb (0.02 g) off the 175 lb (80kg) BSQ Base

Minimum allowed verifiable division size (class iii)
0.002 lb (1 g) off the 70 lb (35kg) BSQ Base (1:10,000d approved)
0.002 lb (2 g) off the 175 lb (80kg) BSQ Base (1:10,000d approved)
single or 3 multi range ranges with a max 10,000 divisions per range

0.002lb - 70lb

1kg - 80kg

9” x 12” (230mm x 305mm)
12” x 14” (305mm x 350mm)

Canadian AM

Service and support

The new approach to servicing weighing equipment

Choose market-leading comprehensive cover. Or ground breaking, fully-inclusive with up to 99% uptime guaranteed. Introducing new, clear, unrivalled service levels for critical weighing operations – only from Avery Weigh-Tronix.


WeighCare Total™ and WeighCare™

Comprehensive, all-inclusive service cover, backed by a groundbreaking uptime guarantee, for heavy duty, integrated scales up to 5-tonne capacity.

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BSQ Bench Base Brochure

BSQ Low Capacity Specification

BSQ High Capacity Specification