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Extremely tough and reliable bench scales
The Torsion bench scale bases can stand the abuse of a busy industrial environment with minimal maintenance.  Their 500% overload protection and breakaway load transfer system, which protects the weight sensor, makes these bench scale bases inherently tough and dependable.

The Torsion bench scale bases are particularly rugged by design - engineered to resist overloading and sudden dropped loads.

Ideal for food and heavy washdown environments
Certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 3-A, BSG torsion bases are ideal bench bases for use within all types of food environments.

These fully stainless steel bench scale bases are washdown and corrosion resistant, making them ideal for food and food processing industries.

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Technical specification

Available capacities Product Weight Resolution Size variants Approvals and certificates

6 kg
15 kg
30 kg

0.02lb - 100lb

0.001kg - 60kg

(Legal for trade):
6 kg x 0.002kg
15 kg x 0.005kg
30 kg x 0.01kg

(Non - legal for trade):
6 kg x 0.001kg
15 kg x 0.002kg
30 kg x 0.005kg

8.75" x 8.75" / 220mm x 220mm
12" x 14" / 310mm x 350mm

EC Approval

Service and support

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BSG Torsion Base Specification Sheet