ZB210 Digital Junction Box

Giving unparalleled flexibility to new and existing truck scale, floor scale, and batching Weigh Bar® systems.

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The ZB210 is the Avery Weigh-Tronix digital junction box for new and existing truck scale, floor scale and batching applications. Designed to meet the rigors of outdoor and industrial environments, the ZB210 can be retrofit into an existing scale system, regardless of the original manufacturer.

  • Suitable for up to 16 sensors
    Receive inputs from up to four analog weight sensors, or daisy chain multiple ZB210s to process up to sixteen sensors.
  • Faster install & calibration
    Inputs from analog weight sensors are individually converted to digital readings. This results in faster, more precise installation and calibration so your scale is ready to use sooner. Share calibration and weighing information across the system.
  • No signal loss
    Because the signal is digital, you can use longer cable runs with no signal loss or go wireless for added convenience.
  • Increased uptime
    By recording performance history and mechanical issues, you’re able to increase your scale’s uptime through improved diagnostics to schedule maintenance before a repair is needed.

The ZB210 Digital Junction Box is available in two different form factors. For indoor applications, choose either the ZB210-SG or ZB210-LG. For outdoor applications such as truck scales, choose the ZB210-STVS which provides additional protection against severe transient voltage strikes.

To learn more about the ZB210 Digital Junction Box, read our ZB210 blog article, or for technical details view the ZB210 specification sheet below.

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