Mail, Parcel, and Freight

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Scales and Weighing Equipment for Mail, Parcel and Freight

Mail, Parcel and Freight: heavy and large shipments

Avery Weigh-Tronix weighing solutions have been created to seamlessly slot into a fast moving mail operation, so they won’t slow your systems down. Quite the opposite, in fact: an accurate weighing system captures crucial volume and weight data to make your post, mail or shipping more efficient.

We’ve developed a range of in-motion weighing solutions for heavy and large items, including highly accurate forklift truck scalesvehicle weighingrobust floor scales and a mobile, intelligent digital dimensioning device.

Mail, Parcel and Freight: letters and parcels

We understand the pressure of processing items quickly yet accurately in a post, mail or shipping operation. Our integrated weighing solutions can verify both format and weight – without adding unnecessary steps to finely-tuned logistics processes.

Our range of in-motion weighing solutions for smaller and lighter mail items includes highly accurate and durable postal scales, intelligent, mobile digital dimensioning devices and vehicle weighing.

Each of our smart solutions has the connectivity to integrate seamlessly into your existing software systems.

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