Fixed Axle Weighing System

Weighbridge style, high accuracy, in-motion axle weighing.

Weigh any vehicle up to 40,000 kg per axle.

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Our fixed axle weighing solution comprises of a pit-mounted steel platform, combined with an IP69K rated weight indicator to provide fast, accurate axle and gross weight information for all vehicle types from light vans to the heaviest multi-axle vehicles. The system can be used for either weighing in motion or as a static scale.

Avoid overloading

The risks of overloading on gross vehicle weight are well known. However, in some instances the gross vehicle weight is not exceeded, yet the load may still exceed the maximum permissible axle weight. In fact, uneven loading of a vehicle makes it far harder to handle, putting pressure on tires, steering and braking.

Protect your Operators License

Avoid the risk of fines and prohibitions by ensuring that every vehicle leaving your site is accurately weighed and recorded.

Maximise Fleet Efficiency

By maximising loads you can ensure that your vehicles are travelling with the optimum load. Maximise each trip while avoiding the risk of fines, prohibitions and added costs of increased fuel consumption, wear and tear and undue stress on steering and brakes that can be caused by overloaded or unevenly loaded vehicles.

Suitable for law enforcement

Ideal for front line detection of overloaded vehicles, axle weighing provides fast, reliable weight information. This then protects roads from excess damage and dramatically improves road safety.

Technical specification

Available capacities Resolution Size variants Approvals and certificates
25,000kg – 40,000kg 10kg / 20kg 3m
CE Approved
IP69K (ZM 510 Indicator)

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