Fast Freight Unloading

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The fast-paced nature at freight forwarding hubs puts pressure on operators to unload freight from inbound vehicles as quickly as possible. Consignments are scanned as they are unloaded from the inbound vehicles and then moved elsewhere within the hub to be weighed and dimensioned. However, this approach leads to bottlenecks further down the process, constricting efficiencies and causing delays.

The Fast Freight Unloading Solution from Avery Weigh-Tronix combines mobile weighing and dimensioning technology into your existing processes, without adding additional steps or losing valuable time.

The solution allows operators to scan, weigh and dimension freight as it is being unloaded from the vehicle and moved through the hub; significantly reducing vehicle unloading time and removing bottlenecks later in the process.

Operators can quickly and easily capture the weight and dimensions of freight, and automatically transfer the data to the hub management system – removing the potential errors associated with manual data input.

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