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Scales and Weighing Equipment for Bulk Ingredients

In bulk ingredients handling operations, it is vital that incoming raw ingredients and outgoing finished product are weighed reliably and accurately. Weighbridges and vehicle weighing solutions from Avery Weigh-Tronix provide a highly reliable and accurate method for weighing and monitoring loads entering and leaving the site, while attaching load cells to hoppers, silos and tanks offers process control and inventory management.

Monitoring incoming and outgoing loads

Weighbridge traffic should always be controlled to ensure correct queuing and maximise efficiency. Access barriers, traffic lights and digital cameras can all be used as part of a weighbridge system to help control traffic flow, prevent accidents and to monitor and record incoming and outgoing loads effectively. Our weighbridge traffic, marshalling and controls application ensures that traffic moves effectively around your site and can prevent the incorrect positioning that can cause incorrect weighments.

Inventory management

While weighbridges offer a vehicle weighing solution which can be used at site in and out-gates, using load cells attached to tanks, hoppers and silos offer process weighing solutions. By attaching load cells to a tank, silo or hopper, the weight of the stored bulk ingredients can be captured and used for inventory management or paired with an indicator and software for bulk recipe formulation.

Accurate, consistent, repeatable process control

For ingredient measurement in blending applications, using weight sensors and indicators together can automate these applications for improved accuracy and repeatable product consistency. Weight sensors are placed on each leg of the material container to capture readings. Coupling sensor technology with an indicator that stores recipe components ensures the exact amount of each ingredient is dispensed, without requiring operator intervention. By applying this technology to complex blending and batching applications, users can experience improved quality control, increased inventory management, reduced labour and rework costs and reduced product giveaway.

Quality control and Average Weight Legislation Sampling

Some bulk ingredient processing sites will also break their finished products down into smaller packages for re-sale to the end-customer. Avery Weigh-Tronix offers a range of scales, including bench, floor and static checkweighing systems, which can be used for quality checks and to meet average weight legislation requirements.

ATEX approved weighing equipment for hazardous environments

Avery Weigh-Tronix offers a range of ATEX approved weighing and process automation for use in hazardous environments.  Under ATEX 137 directive, employers have an ongoing duty to maintain equipment so that the means of protection against potential sources of ignition remains effective. Our highly skilled service team are fully trained to handle ATEX equipment and ensure ongoing compliance. 

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