Traffic Management and Weighbridge Controls

Taking the work out of weighbridge operation

The high performance ZM510 indicator not only captures weight data, but can also control the weighbridge and its peripherals, creating a bespoke traffic management solution to help make your operations more efficient.

From control of traffic lights, barriers, positioning sensors and remote displays – to reminding you when your next calibration is due, when installed with Avery Weigh-Tronix Weighbridge Application software, the ZM510 can do all the thinking for you.

Application features

Hauliers – assign a haulier during the first or second weighing, if required

PLUs (Products) – track loads as products during second weighing

Customers and suppliers –register both customers and suppliers to the transactions as required during the second weighing

User defined fields – five programmable fields for prompting for additional information during first or second weighing, or both

Data file – transaction data can be saved to a memory stick via the USB port for additional reporting or analysis

Public weighing – a weighing mode that can be used for one-off purposes such as for public use, also allows a specific print format to be used in Public Weighing mode

Traffic management – Provides specific traffic management control functions such as barrier close delays and manual open operation

Fraud prevention option – additional sensors at the entry and exit to the weighbridge help to ensure all vehicles are correctly positioned at the time of weighing. Additional reporting highlights potential fraudulent activity ensuring operation and efficiency is maximised

Weighbridge Calibration Reminder – programme a reminder for weighbridge calibration into your indicator, ensuring you stay compliant. Prompts can be set by month, quarter, half year or annually

Weighbridge preventative maintenance reminder – regular maintenance should be performed to keep your weighbridge running to optimum accuracy. Indeed, set message reminders in your indicator to prompt you to arrange your next preventative maintenance visit. In fact, prompts can be set by month, quarter, half year or annually

Weighbridge cleaning reminder – we advise regular cleaning to ensure that your weighbridge is performing to the highest accuracy. Indeed, set reminders in your indicator to prompt you to have your weighbridge cleaned. In fact, prompts can be set by month, quarter, half year or annually

Indicator features