Unmanned Weighbridge Terminals

Allow drivers to complete weighing transactions 24/7 without leaving their vehicle

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Avery Weigh-Tronix driver operated consoles (DOC) provide weighbridge owners the flexibility of running an unmanned weighbridge system. Ideal for 24 hour operations, the DOCs keep your weighbridge running smoothly without a dedicated weighbridge operator, lowering operational costs and extending the hours of availability. The console guides the driver through the weighing process via a series of on-screen prompts, collecting and storing vehicle and weight data, then transferring it directly into your weighbridge operator system.

As drivers do not need to physically leave their vehicle during the weighing process, unmanned weighbridge systems are an ideal tool to improve business efficiency, driver turnaround time and health as safety on site.


Levels of automation to suit your operation:

For larger 24/7 and multi-site operations our TS-DOC allows you to extend your weighbridge operation by switching between complete driver operation during out of hours visits to use in conjunction with a weighbridge operator during normal working hours. The TS-DOC features a large 10.5” touch-screen display and is powered by an Atom Windows PC that provides the networking flexibility of remote, off-site control or diagnostics. The TS-DOC also utilises the highly configurable Avery Weigh-Tronix Weighman 8 software package.

System includes card readers for quick driver recognition and can include ANPR for vehicle recognition, printers for ticket distribution and intercoms for two-way driver interaction.

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