Streamline Track Scale Delivers a Fast, Accurate Train Weighing Solution

Avery Weigh-Tronix introduces Streamline, a new rail scale that provides an accurate, cost-efficient, and quick-to-install train weighing solution. Streamline is installed directly onto the track without the need to cut or weld rails, ensuring quick installation time and minimal rail traffic interruption. With reliable operation, Streamline weighs static or in-motion, full or two draft trains at speeds up to 15mph (25 km/h).

Featuring patented “Twin Strip Technology,” Streamline ignores horizontal and torsional deflections, only measuring the vertical forces of train wheels. This unique technology also absorbs dimensional imperfections in the fixing method or the rail itself, eliminating potential weighing inaccuracies of the main measurement. Using this system, up to four pairs of Streamline transducers can be installed to measure the forces and when connected to a weight processor, convert the signals into weight. Streamline systems can also integrate automatic vehicle identification (AVI) for unattended operations, allowing operators to monitor activity automatically from a terminal, office, or network hub.

Streamline was designed to provide a more cost-effective, fast fit train weighing solution,” said Paul Hines, General Manager at Avery Weigh-Tronix.“Streamline is ideal for our customers who are looking for a competitively-priced weighing system that delivers the reliability to provide accurate train weights each and every time.

With full or two draft weighing options, Streamline satisfies diverse application needs. The highly efficient full draft system ensures accuracy using eight Streamline transducers, which is recommended where most of the cars have the same or very similar truck centers. Alternatively, the cost-efficient two draft system using four Streamline transducers is ideal for use as a check scale for all cars with standard trucks.

Streamline delivers accurate weight measurement of wagons, bogies, axles or individual wheels, which assists in identification of uneven wheel placement or overloading. The system determines gross, tare and net weights at the speeds allowed in shunting yards and sidings, ensuring the process does not interfere with other operations. With no moving parts, Streamline results in minimal system maintenance.