Modular Weighbridge/Truck Scale Represents Significant Cost Saving

Modular Weighbridge/Truck Scale Represents Significant Cost Saving

The design of a modular BridgeMont weighbridge/truck scale has met three key requirements for animal feed producer Harbro Ltd’s new Lesmahagow blending site in Scotland. It will save 60 percent of the cost of purchasing a new deck to meet an increase in production, has reduced installation time and is maximising productivity.


At the new site, grains, minerals and other additives are blended in various quantities to create the different feed types. These products are stored in 28 bins that are erected over the new weighbridge to enable automatic outloading. The vehicle drives onto the ‘bridge and the driver selects the customer order details using the Avery Weigh-Tronix Evolution 1205 weight indicator. Filling commences and each different product type is released into the back of the lorry until the required total weight is reached.


Cost saving

Harbro expects production to increase and will need to install extra bins and lengthen the weighbridge to cope with demand. With a traditional one-piece weighbridge, this would require the entire scale to be replaced at a cos tof around £20,000. However, due to the modular design of BridgeMont, future site expansion is made much simpler as Harbro can purchase an adder module to increase the existing ‘bridge length to 27 metres if required. At a cost of only £8,000 and with minimal building work required, this represents a significant cost saving.

By consulting Avery Weigh-Tronix at the beginning of the project, Harbro was able to minimise construction time and engineering expense. Avery Weigh-Tronix advised that the pit-mounted BridgeMont deck should be installed before the bins were erected, meaning that the silo installation could be positioned at the correct height to accommodate a vehicle on the weighbridge, without difficulty or delay. A further advantage of the silo construction is that the site can operate more efficiently as the weighing and filling processes both take place on the ‘bridge. This means that Harbro is saving fuel costs and maximising productivity because the vehicle does not need to be driven to another area of the site to check its loaded weight.


Reliable, Local Service Supplier

To ensure that this efficiency is maintained, Harbro needed a reliable, local service supplier. Production uptime is critical and having the scale out of action, even for one day could cost the company at least £150, as drivers would have to make over 30 journeys to and from a public weighbridge to ensure an accurate loaded weight.

Avery Weigh-Tronix’s successful record for maintaining and calibrating the company’s six other ‘bridges located at three feed mills in Scotland was a key deciding factor and Harbro can now rely on a team of locally-based engineers to respond to emergency callouts, 24 hours a day.

Production Manager, Dr. Mark Goodwill added, “Every single fault we have reported at any of our sites has been resolved within a 24 hours. So when we needed a weighing system for the new plant, Avery Weigh-Tronix really was the logical choice.”

Harbro Limited is part of the Harbro Group of companies and manufactures over 300,000 tonnes of animal feed per year for dairy, beef, sheep, pig and poultry farmers. The client is now considering purchasing a second weighbridge for the Lesmahagow site.



  • Cost-efficient, modular design– additional sections can be added, using existing foundations, to protect the customer’s investment
  • Weighbridge system was designed to suit site constraints, without bespoke costs – for easier and quicker installation and commissioning
  • Fully-comprehensive support package from locally based engineers – minimises equipment downtime for better productivity
  • Provides tighter weight control and a clear record of delivery amounts – avoiding customer queries for a professional service
  • Filling and weighing takes place simultaneously, so vehicles do not have to travel to other areas of the plant – faster, safer operation that reduces traffic
  • Maintenance of all six weighbridges in the estate– regardless of make, model, age or condition
  • Easy-to-use weight display – ensures precise loading, to minimise product giveaway
  • Accurate loading means that the vehicle is within the legal weight limit – to comply with VOSA regulations