Forklift Scale Doubles Speed for UTi’s Heathrow Airport Depot

Global logistics provider, UTi Worldwide UK Ltd., knows that checkweighing airfreight makes its operation more efficient.

The Heathrow Airport (London, UK) depot uses a floor scale to check the weight of incoming pallets. Now, it can weigh cargo twice as fast thanks to a new forklift truck scale from Avery Weigh-Tronix.

Fast, simple installation

The scale assembly was fitted to an existing forklift truck to create a mobile weighing system. Drivers can lift, weigh, and move the larger pallets in one operation and do not have to leave the cab to record the weight.

Darren Hills, Warehouse Manager said, “The new scale has sped up our handling process. Fifty percent of the cargo we receive can be booked in quicker using the new method. Weighing is now part of the unloading process, so our drivers do not need to queue at the same floor scale.”

Operators were modifying the floor scale to weigh any pallet over six feet square. This delayed the booking in process, as 10% of the cargo that UTi receives is over-sized. The new scale can now pick up and weigh all non-uniform loads instantly.

Added reassurance

The airline weighs all cargo again, for safety reasons. If there are any weight discrepancies, the pallet must be returned and redocumented. This creates delays for the airline and rework for UTi. As the scale is mounted on the forklift truck, each load can be weighed again as part of the standard transfer process.

UTi also replaced its floor scale with a new Avery Weigh-Tronix H520 platform and E1205 indicator, which it uses to weigh smaller cargo.


  • Weighing is part of the unloading process – saving the time and effort of making repeated trips to a floor scale.
  • Highlights weight discrepancies during handling.
  • UTi discovered over 4000 kg of under-declared weights in the first month of using the scale.
  • Delivers consistent weighing accuracy.
  • UTi identified that pallet returns have reduced.
  • Easy to check customers’ declared weights – for accuracy of billing.
  • The floor scale weighs smaller cargo – streamlining materials handling.