New Solution set to drastically improve picking accuracy

New Solution set to drastically improve picking accuracy

Avery Weigh-Tronix has launched a new mobile picking solution which is set to make a big impact on the overall cost of picking and packing operations by drastically improving picking accuracy at the point of pick.

The system, which features barcode scanning, weight verification and varying levels of WMS integration, helps to avoid errors that require repacking or shipping checks, allowing quality control to be achieved as a single touch. 

Stewart Campbell, Logistics Manager at Avery Weigh-Tronix, comments, “We understand that implementing a verification process that slows down picking operations is absolutely not an option. The new mobile workstation puts quality control right at the forefront of the picking process by combining everything that a user would need to quickly and accurately verify their pick, without needing to defer to a separate QA process. This simple yet effective solution allows operators to realise huge efficiency savings, avoid costly reworks and reduce any contractual penalties associated with service quality and accuracy.”

The combination of a robust yet configurable mobile picking trolley, touch screen terminal, picking software, on-board battery power, WMS integration and a highly accurate scale for weight verification, provides the user with a quick and simple way to validate that an order has been picked correctly.

Completely configurable, the workstation has the power to integrate with existing pick management tools such as Pick to Voice/Pick to Light, features various levels of integration with WMS stock data and is available as a manual or powered picking cart in a variety of sizes, to fit the requirements of the operation.

As well as verifying picking accuracy, the new solution enables real-time inventory control, eliminating the costly efforts associated with inventory counts, audits, or wall-to-wall stock checks.

Stewart concludes, “Initial feedback from clients using these systems has shown significant benefits and a speedy return on investment. Reducing the impact of incorrect picks offers costs savings across the process; from avoiding double pick time and re-shipping charges, to reducing customer service time and impact on reputation. In addition, building weighing into any picking and packing operation can help to safeguard profits by reducing both under and over shipments.”

February 2018