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C-Jacks are an ideal solution for portable and accurate container weighing. The Jacks quickly attach to the four corners of the container, elevating it from the ground and then transmit the weight reading via Bluetooth to an Android mobile or smart device.

C-Jacks produce a verified gross weight of the container along with the container’s weight distribution to alert the packer of potential overloading and imbalance issues.


Ideal for compliance to SOLAS regulations:

Container Jacks are a cost-effective, fast way of complying with the SOLAS’ Method 1 weight regulation amendments.  Method 1 weighs the packed container, including all packaging producing a verified container weight. This process can be achieved in under 5 minutes with our Container Jack solution.

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How are they calibrated?

Weighing Jacks are factory tested and calibrated before delivery. They can be tested and re-calibrated by a service agent.

What surfaces can I weigh on?

The weighing surface needs to be firm and generally level. However weighing Jacks are still accurate if used on rough (i.e. gravel) or uneven (i.e. pot-holed) surfaces.

What smart phones do they work with?

The BISON Weighing App is compatible with low cost Android 4.4 phones and Bluetooth 4.0 or later. The app is not designed for iPhone.

The container jacks transfer weight data through compatible Android devices via Bluetooth, providing an accurate gross weight reading at your fingertips. The data can then be exported via an email HTML file with a Container ID, Seal ID and Operator Name and any other notes required for the shipper.

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