SmarTower Unmanned Weighbridge System

Avery Weigh-Tronix’s weighbridge automation solutions offer multiple functional levels to choose from, depending on problems & pain areas envisaged by the particular industry vertical.

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Unmanned Weighbridge System (UWS) is an automation solution for weighbridges which removes the need for a full-time operator to supervise weighing of trucks. In order to do so, an Unmanned Weighbridge System incorporates peripheral devices to perform different activities of the operator along with an intelligent control system. Examples of peripheral devices are; sensors & cameras for verifying & validating correct position of truck, display system & PA system to give feedback to driver and boom-barriers to control accessibility of weighbridge.

Avery’s latest SmarTower Unmanned Weighbridge System is an efficient and well-organised solution that can be added to new or existing weighbridges of any make for uni-directional or bi-directional operation. It is a standalone system which enables 24×7 weighing operations without the need of a dedicated operator.

The SmarTower Unmanned Weighbridge System includes a 3.6m tall, compact and robust steel tower, which is securely mounted on the RCC floor near the weigh bridge. The tower houses critical instrumentation components and removes the need for a weigh-room. The tower also facilitates mounting of external peripherals and proper management of cables.

The following peripherals are incorporated in the tower:

  • Weighbridge digitizer for processing weight
  • Ultra-High Frequency based RFID reader
  • Day/night IP Camera to capture truck image for audit purpose
  • Voice guidance to diver with pre-recorded messages in language of choice
  • Information Display system to display weight & other messages to guide the driver

Apart from components of the tower, the Unmanned Weighbridge System also includes:

  • Multiple position sensors for correct vehicle positioning
  • Optional Boom-barriers to control physical access to weighbridge entry & exit and streamlining truck movement

Avery SmarTower Unmanned Weighbridge System uses our latest generation Weighing Intelligence application software, which facilitates deployment on in-premise or cloud servers in addition to local device, for remote configuration & monitoring. The Weighing Intelligence software interface provides device status and live video streams from IP cameras. It enables seamless integration of Unmanned Weighbridge System with any enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. for management of weighing data of multiple weighbridges installed across different plants.

SmarTower – Unmanned Weighbridge System with Weighing Intelligence software Interface

Advantage of Avery SmarTower Unmanned Weighbridge System

  • Reduction in long term operating costs incurred on operators
  • Higher availability 24×7 as system is not dependent on operator
  • Elimination of human errors
  • Protection from potential malpractices
  • SmarTower system reduces cabling complexity, improving maintainability
  • Remote configuration & monitoring
  • Seamless data integration
  • A well-organized, aesthetic & safe end-to-end solution from industry leaders

In addition to the above, our nation-wide customer service support with a large team of well-trained & experienced service engineers, a call-centre with all India toll-free number and online service delivery system ServiceNow, ensures high standards of uptime. Avery Unmanned Weighbridge Systems are handling up to 1,000 transactions a day, in numerous industry verticals like Agro, Cement, Construction, Textiles, Power, Mining, etc.