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Weighing is fundamental to almost every business. When checking goods in, monitoring processes or quantifying products for sale, weight measurement is a vital tool in controlling costs, maintaining quality and assessing efficiency.

A wide range of weighing operations within industries requires smaller scales, normally referred as Bench, Floor and Platform scales. These industrial scales can be of capacities ranging from 5 kilograms up to 5000 kilograms.

The weighing operations covered by such industrial floor scales may involve external as well as internal business transactions like weighing of packaged material / containers / drums / cans / boxes / shipping crates / bundles, managing raw material & finished product inventory, weighing the process inputs & outputs for monitoring efficiency, part counting of bulk components, packaging for shipment etc.

Avery Weigh-Tronix offers a wide range of industrial platform scales that can help businesses at every stage of their operation in measuring, recording and analyzing weight data in order to improve efficiency & profitability. With rugged design mechanical structure, high accuracy load cells and state-of-the-art indicators, Avery platform scales perform with repeatable accuracy for longer useful life.

Highlights of Avery Weigh-Tronix Platform scale product range

  • Various options of standard sizes and capacities
  • Single and multi-cell floor scale configurations
  • Surface or pit mounting option for multi-cell scales
  • Platform structures built for harsh & demanding environments
  • Load cells with IP65/66/67 & OIML C3 compliance
  • Indicators with application specific use & connectivity options
  • Stainless steel, IP66 and IP69K (fully wash-down) indicators
  • High resolution bench scales with digital transducer
  • Simple weighing, check-weighing & Counting functions
  • Hazardous (Explosive) area platform scale solutions
  • Platform scale automation & software solutions

Our vast experience in industrial weighing applications enables us to understand needs of various industry segments like Agro, Manufacturing, Metal products, Chemicals, Textile, Paper, Cement, Fertilizers etc. and offer floor weight scales to cater to them.

We are also capable to offer customized platform scale configurations as well automation solutions involving Digital I/Os, sensors, RFID/Barcode technology, label printers and data management software for specific customer needs.

Explore our range of products or contact us for your integrated platform scale solution needs!