Metal Detection Systems

Avery Malaysia has teamed up with Loma Systems to provide a range of metal detection systems for use in the food industry.

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The patented Loma IQ3 and IQ3+ range of metal detectors can operate at frequencies between 40 and 900KHz and have the ability to select the correct operating frequency in seconds thus eliminating the past performance restrictions caused by single or limited frequency detectors.

Consistent performance

The unique case and coil geometry minimises degrading effects such as vibration, electrical interference, case distortion and thermal shock.

Outstanding reliability, certified to IP69K

World class manufacturing techniques bond stainless steel, polymers and resins to create water and dust tight seals certified to IP69K.

Clear, easy-to-use controls

Designed to provide operators with clear information and allow access to a wide range of essential features to aid metal detection in a modern production environment.

Contaminants Log

An essential means of identifying patterns in metal contamination and tracing their source. Logs and reports can be downloaded using a USB stick with the IQ3+

Plant Connectivity

Both the IQ3 and IQ3+ can be connected to plant networks via industry standard Ethernet connections; the IQ3+ has Ethernet connectivity as standard.