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Weighing scales and solutions for the Metals and Minerals industries in Malaysia.

Metals and other minerals are essential to modern life, with homes, cars, appliances and new technologies all reliant on metal components. Metals are also integral to the basic infrastructure of our society, from transportation systems, utilities and food production, to distribution. As a result, metal mining is in high demand.

Throughout the metal and mineral mining process, from prospecting and analysis of potential of a proposed site, right through to extraction, processing and managing waste, weight data provides vital information on efficiency, regulatory compliance and revenue.

Many mines deal with a high volume of vehicles entering and leaving the site. It is vital that vehicles are weighed and processed fast to keep the site operating efficiently. Unmanned weighbridges and traffic management systems can quickly record a vehicle registration number, its tare weight, driving licence details and operator name and address, as well as how long vehicles are spending on site.

For products transported by rail, our train weighing systems can collect wagon and full train weights statically or while in motion. Floor and bench scales provide a highly accurate solution for measuring the weight of precious metals.

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