Checkweighers from Loma Systems

Loma Systems provide highly accurate, robust, and reliable in-motion checkweighers – from simple in-line checkweighers to combination checkweighing.

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We have partnered with Loma systems to provide a range of highly accurate, robust and reliable, in-motion checkweighers. The unique low centre of gravity, forward-facing control box of the Loma CW3 series checkweigher minimises vibration and enhances accuracy, whist the display is easy to see and offers a simple user-friendly menu.

Whether you require simple in-line “policeman checkweighers” or fully equipped systems with statistical analysis, Loma have models to suit your requirements.

Customisable Checkweighers with extensive networking capability

The CW3 range can be customised easily to suit your applications, with the optimum transport device and reject mechanism. By networking these devices, Loma have succeeded in placing the checkweigher at the centre of the production environment, making it a source of information which can help improve your company’s bottom line.

Light Weight Checkweigher

The Loma CW3 1500L demonstrates the ultimate capabilities of sensitivity and optimum accuracy available on the market.

Mid-range Checkweigher

The Loma CW3 6000M is a compact checkweigher for use with high-speed throughput production lines. Due to its accuracy and flexibility, this unit is also particularly suited for products sold by average weight.

Heavy Weight Checkweigher

The Loma CW3 12000H HeavyWeight checkweigher offers superior accuracy and is especially designed for bag or case weighing up to 12kgs. It can also easily be integrated into high-speed lines with belt speeds up to 115m/min.

Drag-Link Checkweigher

Loma CW3 DragLink checkweighers are a versatile and highly accurate solution for in-motion weighing. It is also ideal for all types of packaged products for use with high-speed throughput production lines. This unit is recommended when a high degree of accuracy is required.

Combination Checkweigher and Metal Detector

The Loma CW³ checkweigher and metal detector combination system is a versatile, proven integrated checkweighing and metal detection system for the food and packaging industries.