Weighman 8 Weighbridge Software

Total management reporting and control of your weighbridge operation, across one or multiple sites.

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At Avery Weigh-Tronix we can provide complete weighbridge solutions, including hardware and software.

Weighman Weighbridge Management PC Software allows you to capture a wide wealth of information from the weighbridge that will help companies to control wastage, monitor costs, and improve efficiencies.

Key Benefits:

Rapid Throughput:
Weighman captures the essential data needed for each vehicle weighing transaction, providing a fast and efficient process for the operators and maximising vehicle throughput, and reducing queuing time.

Multi-Site Operation:
Weighman is a powerful network application that allows you to synchronise data remotely between all your sites, across your local network or over the internet.

Anti-Fraud Protection, Secured Data, Audit Trails:
Weighman 8 creates a log of changes made to the data, detailing the user, date, and time the change was made; therefore, providing audit trails for added security and data integrity.

Transactions Notifications:
Once transactions are completed, you can set up automatic notifications that can be emailed, printed, or sent to Head Office via the multi-site operation or alternatively send a file via the web to a third-party application.

Unmanned Operation:
Weighman 8, when paired with our ZM510 indicator, can fully marshal your weighbridge and streamline your weighbridge operations while protecting your business revenues with its built-in fraud protection.

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