ZP900 Digital Postal Scale

The ZP900 is a highly accurate postal scale specifically designed to meet a variety of customer requirements

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The ZP900 digital postal scales are designed for demanding applications where superior weight accuracy, speed and flexible integration into third-party systems (shipping, packing and ECR/POS) are paramount to increase operational efficiency.

Digital accuracy and proven reliability

Unlike other manufacturer solutions, the ZP900 uses the latest Avery Weigh-Tronix Quartzell® technology. This unique design offers a fully digital solution that is capable of accurately weighing any item from 0.002 lb / 1 g up to 150 lb / 80 kg parcel, on a single trade-approved scale.

The digital immunity to external interferences (temperature and pressure) combined with the 1100% breakaway overload protection, makes the ZP900 postal scale the ideal solution for the most demanding high-throughput applications.

Third party integration

The ZP900 is equipped with Serial, USB, and Ethernet connectivity options, making it compatible with various third-party software systems, including UPOS/OPOS, a range of standard postal protocols, such as NCI & ECR, D904 and SMA as well as older scale models such as the FX141, NCI 7600 and NCI 7800.

This wide compatibility provides a platform for new technology developments in the postal/shipping industry.

Maximize counter space

The ZP900 is offered in two sizes: 9 in x 12 in (230 mm x 305 mm) and 12 in x 14 in (305 mm x 355 mm). Its compact footprint allows for flexible installation in kiosks or counters. The scale connectivity allows for sharing between two or more operator terminals, reducing the demand for counter space while maximizing process throughput.

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