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Rugged and durable build quality

Composite concrete design
Only the top half (5”) of the deck is poured, allowing the concrete to stay in compression. Tension forces are handled by the high-strength steel structure below the concrete. Fiber-mesh concrete is specified to increase strength and resist cracking. Factory welded studs bond the concrete to the steel structure, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming rebar.

High-strength steel construction
We source the highest quality structural steel from within North America. Automated continuous welding provides extra strength and no weak spots.  Steel plates fully cover both the top and the bottom of the weighbridge modules, with full continuous welding at every place they connect with the internal I-beams.  This torsion box construction fully seals the modules and maximizes the strength of the structure.   Not only do Avery Weigh-Tronix weighbridges use more steel than other brands, they use it more efficiently to make the strongest and most durable truck scales available. 

Steel surface protection
A detailed surface preparation and coating process protects the scale from the elements. Individual components are shot-blasted, entire decks are sand-blasted and cleaned, then primed with a high solids urethane primer and finished with a tough, acrylic polyurethane top coat.

Low profile
14” height from baseplate to driving surface minimizes ramp requirements. Higher profile for additional clearance is easily accomplished with affordable base plate options.  For existing foundations with an extra low profile the BMS-LP8 is available with a profile height of 11.25”

No-bolt module connections
Simple hook & notch design allows quick, easy joining of the modules without using any bolts or fasteners. This speeds up installation and reduces future points of maintenance and failures.  Overall scale length is easily increased in the future by adding modules.

Environmental Shielding
Environmental seals, stainless steel sheathed cable, surge protection, heavy-duty coatings and rugged construction help Avery Weigh-Tronix scales defend against Mother Nature’s worst.

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Customized sizes and colors

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Key Considerations of Truck Scale Selection and Installation

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