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Create a complete truck scale system

Select from a wide range of options and accessories to create a powerful and versatile vehicle weighing system.


Guide rails and posts – Extreme-duty guide rails provide a strong barrier against accidental driveoffs. An extra tall version is available for MSHA considerations. The rails are finished with bright yellow paint to optimize visibility.

Stop & go lights – Help direct vehicle movement and improve safety. Rugged design withstands all types of weather and environments.

Loop detectors – Installed at the entrance and exit to detect vehicle weight data and ensure proper positioning.

Remote displays – Allow clear, comfortable viewing of scale information at considerable distances, indoors and outdoors. Available with integrated traffic light and wireless interface.

Unattended system – Allows 24/7 scale availability. Can be customized with options such as loop detectors, ID readers, traffic lights, and wireless communication.

Manhole – Provides easy access in pit installations. Reinforced 2’ x 2’ manhole includes a heavy-duty cover to maintain truck scale integrity.

Grain dump module – An easy-flow grate allows trucks to weigh over a BridgeMont truck scale and then dump its contents through the floor of the scale.  They are built with custom sized grated openings to fit the application.

Visit the BM Grain Dump Module for truck scales page >>


Portable Truck Scales – Portable truck scales arrive on site ready to be placed on any stable surface and be up in running in just hours.  They are ideal for job sites that relocate periodically.


Pre-fab foundations – The scale and foundation can arrive on the same truck shipment to be set-up in just a few hours. If the scale needs to be relocated, the foundation can be re-used. Often used as a temporary foundation while a permanent foundation is built, they are available to rent.

Indicators – A range of digital indicators meet the exact needs of any truck scale application, from basic weighing to advanced transactions and data management.

Digital junction box – Convert analog load cell signal to digital outputs, offering faster calibration, remote monitoring of individual cells, connection to a PC and improved signal strength over long distances.

Printers – We offer a range of printers which will meet the needs of your truck scale operation.

Software – Our truck scale software offers powerful yet flexible truck scale management, supply chain function and business intelligence capabilities. Use the data collected to help control inventory and monitor costs while improving site efficiency and throughput.

Other Truck Scale features & resources

Warranty Programs

Our truck scales are backed with powerful warranties that ensure customers have the lowest possible cost-of-ownership.

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Load Cells - The Weigh Bar®

The exclusive Avery Weigh-Tronix Weigh Bar is an extremely rugged, highly reliable, load sensing device.

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Easi-Post Suspension

The Easi-Post suspension system is a proven design that offers a high degree of performance, efficiency, and durability

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Rugged and Durable Build Quality

Avery Weigh-Tronix truck scales are built with a rugged and durable build quality ensuring that they can cope with the demands of harsh environments.

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BM Grain Dump Module for Truck Scales

BM Grain Dump Module for Truck Scales

The Grain dump is used with Avery steel or concrete truck scales to create a complete scale system for grain handling or processing facilities.

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Customized sizes and colors

Our truck scales are available in a wide range of standard and customized configurations to suit your application needs.

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Maintaining Your Truck Scale to Prevent Downtime

Maintaining Your Truck Scale to Prevent Downtime

Having the right service and maintenance contract in place for your truck scale is essential, but there are other preventative steps.

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Key Considerations of Truck Scale Selection and Installation

Key Considerations of Truck Scale Selection and Installation

Before making such an important purchase, it pays to consider carefully where and how you plan to use the truck scale.

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