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Load Cells -  The Weigh Bar® Weight Sensor

WeighBarA proven weight sensor
The exclusive Avery Weigh-Tronix Weigh Bar® is an extremely rugged, highly reliable, load sensing device. Over several decades, the Weigh Bar® has built a reputation for precision, reliability and durability that no other load cell can match.


Reduced cost of ownership – Precision machined from aircraft quality, alloy steel, the Weigh Bar® offers excellent repeatability and long-term durability, reducing cost of ownership and need for load cell replacement.

Rugged – With up to ten times more steel content than shear beams or compression cells, it absorbs impact to minimize peak forces and is virtually fatigue-proof. The Weigh Bar® is proven to resist electrical surges and is protected by a 5-year warranty that includes coverage against lightning damage.

Accurate – The sensor’s design automatically cancels the effects of side loading, end loading and twisting, resulting in quick, accurate readings which are achieved regardless of temperature change, vibration, and shock loads on the scale.

Sealed – The standard alloy steel Weigh Bar® is well protected against harsh environments by an exclusive 5-layer, sealing process.  For the most challenging locations hermetically sealed stainless steel weigh bars are available. 


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Weigh Bar® Features & Benefits



  • 10 times more reliable than load cell installations
  • Less downtime lower cost of ownership


  • No mechanical restraints or stops


  • Less maintenance
  • Reduced physical damage
  • Lengthens the life of the weighbridge.
  • 500,000 in service over 20 years
  • Peace of mind with a proven design
  • Inherent lightning protection by design
  • Total reliability, less downtime
  • Impervious to end, side and torque loads


  • Consistent accuracy in arduous conditions
  • Faster weighing cycles
  • Prevents costly repairs and downtime
  • 5000 division accuracy as standard
  • 10 kg in 50 tonnes less give away at no extra cost
  • Completely sealed and airtight
  • Designed and tested to exceed IP67
  • Total reliability means less downtime
  • Stainless steel sheathed cables


  • Protects cables from accidental damage and rodent attack
  • Prevents costly repairs and downtime
  • Weigh Bars mount off the ground


  • Out of the dirt and water, no need for costly stainless steel construction. Ensures a longer life

Load Cells - The Weigh Bar

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