The Weighline rail scale is rugged and accurate, with accuracies of ± 0.25% or better. It can weigh rail cars either statically or in motion, at speeds in excess of 50 mph and has OIML R60 and R106 certificates of conformity.

Integration with back-office systems for better data management

The Weighline rail scale provides precision data on train and rail car weights that can be transmitted to your business systems via a PC.

Reports can be linked to individual rail car, load and destination IDs to help monitor deliveries to and from customers and suppliers.

Quick install to minimize downtime

This train weighing scale consists of a series of in-line rail transducer sections which replace existing rail sections, providing wheel, axle, bogie, wagon and complete train weights.

This simple yet effective weighing method takes only a few hours to install, reducing downtime and eliminating the need for long, costly installations.

Compatible products

1310 Programmable Weight Indicator

The 1310 programmable weight indicator and process controller is for applications which need advanced weighing routines and high connectivity.

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I-LINE2 rail scale software is a Windows® based package designed to display or print train weight data as it is processed by the scale. Custom report

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