Heavy Duty Pancake Cargo Scale

The pancake scale is a 20,000 lb multi-purpose scale suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.

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Avery Weigh-Tronix’s  cargo scales were originally developed for the air freight industry, to weigh air cargo containers.  Since then, due to their accuracy and durability, our heavy duty cargo scales have been used in many other industrial applications.

Pancake Scale

A 20,000 lb. multi-purpose cargo scale designed for quick and accurate weighing indoors and out.

Suitable for weighing freight indoors or outdoors

The textured steel plating provides extra traction in wet areas. An epoxy coating resists corrosion. The stainless steel junction box can be positioned 30’ from the scale, keeping sensitive electronics away from the elements.

Portable cargo scale with drive-on access

Gently sloping ramps allow easy access to the 4” high scale by lift truck or hand cart. The pancake cargo scale’s main advantage is portability and quick set-up; there is no need for a custom scale pit.

High accuracy and reliability

This pancake cargo scale incorporates 4 highly accurate 5000 lb. Weigh Bar sensors.

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