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Programmable and highly connective, the ZM510 displays, analyzes, stores and transmits data across devices, offering an end-to-end, personalised weighing solution.

Unparalleled personalization 

The ZM510 has been designed with complete user personalisation in mind. Weighing operations can be programmed into the ZM510’s five soft keys, allowing users to carry out a multitude of weighing operations, instantly.

The ZM510 is equally compatible with a wide range of other weighing platforms, including truck, bench and floor scales and scales for batching, counting and checkweighing.


Constructed for use in the office, dusty, wet or high pressure, heavy washdown and outdoor environments, the ZM510 is IP69K certified and enclosed in 304 brushed stainless steel. Designed for long service in extreme conditions, including corrosive environments and frequent, heavy washdown, the ZM510 adapts to desk, wall or column mount applications and is also available in a stainless steel IP66 panel mountable version.


With metal domed tactile keys and audio contact confirmation, the ZM510’s large QWERTY keypad makes data entry a quick single key press.

Five programmable keys labelled on the display allow specific weighing tasks to be assigned to the indicator, allowing weighing operations to be carried out quickly and effectively. The ZM510 can also be connected to a USB keyboard.

Dot-matrix graphical display

High contrast, improved Super Twisted Nematic graphic display gives the ZM510 excellent visibility and color contrast. The 320x80 pixel display can provide weight, user prompts (any language), graphs and images.

With its wide viewing angles, the ultra-bright green and black dot graphic display is easily visible in extreme working conditions and can be reversed for optimum viewing in light or dark working environments.

Tailored connectivity

The ZM510 offers a new level of multiconnectivity, ensuring compatibility and communication between old and new peripheral technologies.

An Ethernet port can be configured to support ten independent devices, supporting DHCP client/server and Ethernet sockets in addition to serial protocols.

Also included as standard are three RS232 serial interface ports for data transfer to older equipment and connection to the Avery Weigh-Tronix BSQ digital bench base. Two USB host ports facilitate communication with printers or keyboards and data transfer via a USB storage device.

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