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Our RoadHugger low-profile truck scales are designed and built in Canada to the highest standards of accuracy and strength, offering Measurement Canada and NTEP approval as legal-for-trade systems. 

Our fully electronic design provides many years of durability and reliable performance, even in the most demanding environments. Scales are a modular self-contained design which reduces installation and setup time and enables scale deck extension as your business grows.

Low profile

RoadHugger Truck scales are designed to have a low profile. Keeping them low to the ground saves real estate and construction costs by using a shorter approach area. The load cells and mounts can be accessed through removable covers on top of the platform, for ease of maintenance.

A flexible vehicle weighing solution  

The RoadHugger truck scale is available in a wide range of standard lengths and widths or custom built, making it easily adaptable to each customer’s needs.

Accuracy by design

Load cells withstand overloading and side loading of 150% of rated capacity. Mounting assemblies are designed to check lateral movement of the scale platform, while controlling longitudinal movement from vehicles starting and stopping while on the scale –giving an altogether more accurate reading.

Permanent or portable solution

The RoadHugger truck scale is deal for permanent above ground or shallow pit foundations as well as portable or temporary applications.  

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