What can I do to ensure I’m compliant with the change in regulations?

Contact Avery Weigh-Tronix to ensure your equipment is compliant.

As a Measurement Canada Authorized Service Provider, we have the largest, highly trained team of service engineers across our network of service centers throughout Canada. This extensive coverage, along with our dedicated 24 hour service support hotline, enables us to offer fast, efficient service across the whole of Canada.

Our teams will ensure you:

Avoid costly errors – Small weighing errors can soon add up to substantial losses in profit so our experts ensure your weighing equipment is accurate, every time.

Reduce Your Risk of Rejection – An Avery Weigh-Tronix maintenance program plays a pivotal role in reducing your business’ risk of a machine rejection. In any instance that your machines may be outside of permissable limits, we are normally afforded the opportunity to repair.

Meet your obligations – As an operator of a Legal for Trade weighing machine you are obliged to do all that you can to ensure weighing accuracy. Our teams will work closely with you to ensure your business remains legally compliants with the latest changes in Weights and Measures regulations.