ZM510 Weighbridge Fraud Prevention

Advanced detection system to protect against weighbridge fraud

The ZM510 anti-fraud weighbridge application is a bespoke solution to help protect your weighbridge from fraudulent transactions.

The extent of fraud in the waste industry is unknown, but it is understood to be taking place on a large scale, reportedly costing the tax payer hundreds of millions of pounds a year.

Weighbridge fraud can take place in various ways with the most common including manipulation of the weighbridge electronics, software manipulation, operational manipulation or manipulation of vehicle weight.

This Avery Weigh-Tronix-developed software application is integrated with custom-fitted sensors that verify that each vehicle has fully entered or exited the weighbridge weighing zone, highlighting abnormal – and potentially fraudulent – weighments.

Other than installing the ZM510 indicator, no additional software is required to run the system, meaning less installation downtime for busy operations.

The highly accurate sensor system offers two types of cell, positioned to accommodate each unique installation environment, ensuring a fit-for-purpose operation.

Photo-electric cells are positioned either side of the weighbridge at the entrance and exit. They omit an infrared beam between them. A vehicle passing through and onto / off the weighbridge breaks the beam, signalling that the vehicle is in the correct position.

Pressure sensors are fixed to the weighbridge deck at the entrance and exit. These sensors are activated when a vehicle wheel rolls over them.

The ZM510 indicator collects data readings from the weighbridge and all transaction data can be easily downloaded via USB, to the Fraud Underweight Revenue Calculator on a PC. This software analyses potential lost revenue for underweight readings over a customisable time period.

Developed by Avery Weigh-Tronix, the Weighbridge Fraud Prevention System not only protects against fraud but also provides additional operator-friendly features such as control of traffic lights, barriers, positioning and pressure sensors and remote displays. This additional functionality allows you to create a bespoke anti-fraud solution, optimised for your weighbridge operation.

System features

Indicator features