Poorly serviced weighing equipment can have a massive impact on your business. An underperforming piece of equipment can cause frequent and unpredictable down-time during operations, leading to revenue leaks that silently but sizeably dent your profits. Poor maintenance can also reduce the useful life span of equipment, eventually leading to an increase in total cost of ownership.

Avery is a trusted and reliable service provider with the expertise, reach and speed to maximise product up-time and protect your profits.

Weighing equipment serviced by Avery includes:


Why choose Avery?

At Avery, we have been setting benchmarks in delivering efficient and timely customer service across India for 107 years.

The benefits of Avery service include:


Service activities

Avery believes in providing support to our customers throughout the entire product lifecycle; from installation through to preventive maintenance and annual calibrations. Our support services for weighing equipment range from emergency visits to annual maintenance contracts to keep your business running effectively.

Our services include*:Engineer repairs weighbridge India

*Our highly trained experts can provide these services across any make of weighing equipment.

Service packages

With our diverse service experience, we understand that different customers and industries have different service needs. We have wide range of service packages available which offer a cost-effective solution to keep your weighing equipment working at maximum uptime.

State-of-the-art service delivery

Avery offers a truly differentiated customer service experience.

Our nationwide network of Service engineers is connected to our dedicated Central Tech support through online platform. With real time data from service engineers we are able to provide efficient job-scheduling with better tracking as well as effectively escalate issues. This allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality service in India.

Global standard customer facing metrics including response timefirst-time-fix ratecall-to-fix and machine uptime are monitored in the system to enable us to deliver best in class customer service.