ZM Discharge Application

Weight-based discharge system to maximise your profits

Compatible with Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM510/ZM615 indicators

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Our discharge application has been designed to meet the growing demands for accurate and fast filling in the market. It can be used in conjuction with the Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM510 and ZM615 indicators, offering a flexible process control system.

Easily manages control process steps
Intelligent application is easily programmed to control filling heads, barrel balance controls and alarms

Standalone or larger system use
Can be used as a standalone solution with a single indicator or as part of a larger automated filling station system

Highly configurable application for ultimate flexability
Make the systems work for you with options covering filling values, auto or manual compensation, runtime targets, PLU totals, scale totals and more

Expandable connectivity
Connect the application and indicator via Ethernet or Serial for exceptional data management and output collection


The Avery Weigh-Tronix discharge application has been designed to meet the growing demands for accurate and fast discharging where time is money.

When used with Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM510/ZM615 Indicators, this application can be used for the filling of trucks, trains, and ships, and can be used for simple standalone stations or integrated into a larger automated process.


  • Control of filling heads (fast & dribble for a more accurate fill)
  • Multiple types of alarms which will pause the filling process:
    • Over weigh alarms
    • Safety gate alarms
  • Control of screw feeders

Application configurable options

  • Positive or negative filling values (discharge filling)
  • Auto or manual compensation
  • Fixed or editable runtime targets
  • PLU’s used for individual totals
  • Scale totals
  • Filling data can be sent via Ethernet or serial for the collection of data to give full traceability


The high performance, multi-function indicators provide the flexibility to be adapted to your individual application requirements.

Suitable for the office, dusty, wet or high pressure and heavy washdown environments, the ZM510 and ZM615 can display, analyse, store and transmit data across a range of technology methods to meet your specific installation.

Pixel perfect displays
Easy to use interface and displays, the use of high definition, Improved Super Twisted Nematic (ISTN) or Improved Black Nematic (IBN) graphic display technology gives the weight displays excellent visibility and colour contrast. With wide viewing angles, the ultra-bright green and black dot graphic display is easily visible in extreme working conditions and can be inverted for optimum viewing in brightly lit environments. Pixels can be organized on the displays to create personalized messages and images.

Integrated controls
Both models feature chemical resistant, metal domed keys which give the user crisp, positive tactile feedback when compressed. Assign commonly used weighing tasks to five programmable function keys below the display.

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