ZM Bulk Weighing Application

Weight based filling system for maximising your profits. Compatible with the Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM510 and ZM615 indicators.

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Bulk Weighing is where you use a smaller weighing hopper to weigh more than the capacity of the weighing hopper and is often used for filling large bags, trucks, boats, trains etc. Commonly used by the agriculture and farming industries (for example: sugar industry and palm oil production), aggregates/mining and food/beverage.

Throughput Mode:
Measure your sites operating performance by helping you know your onsite stock levels and dispatched amounts, reduces give away and also makes certain you only pay for what is delivered. All designed to increase your sites performance & profits.

Target Mode:
Discharge large quantities to a target value giving accurate loading of large vehicles, ships, trains etc., helps reduce give away and increases profits.

Surge Hopper Control:
Surge hopper control keeps your weighing process continually running as any break in your material flow is wasted time and money!

Fast and Slow filling options:
Helps to improve accuracy of your filling process while keeps your throughput to its maximum.

Safety Interlocks:
Built in safety interlocks to improve safety, which will automatically stop the filling process and inform the plant to stop.


If the weighing system is the heart of your business and having an accurate and reliable weigh system is vital to the success of your business, an accurate and quick filling system will keep your business running at its maximum efficiency.

  • Throughput mode / Continuous weighing
  • Target mode, fill to a target
  • 20 individual PLUs
  • Can send critical process information to peripheral devices
  • Surge hopper control
    • Keeps your surge hopper filled to the optimum level, allowing for a seamless weighing process.
  • Eight inputs
    • Safety inputs
    • Gate open/closed position sensor inputs
    • Discharge ready input used to discharge only when the discharge vehicle is in position
  • Eight outputs
    • Safety outputs
      • Surge hopper error alarm
      • Weighing hopper error alarm
      • System error alarm
      • Over fill alarms on both the surge and weighing hopper
    • Gate Controls
      • Fast/ Slow filing
      • Surge hopper filling
      • Discharge
  • Data outputs of giving tip reports
  • Intelligent screens giving valuable information about the weighing process
    • Discharge Weight per Hour
    • Estimated finish time when in target mode
  • And much more!


High performance, multi-function indicators provide the flexibility to be adapted to your individual application requirements.

Suitable for the office, dusty, wet or high pressure and heavy washdown environments, the ZM510 and ZM615 can display, analyse, store and transmit data across a range of technology methods to meet your specific installation.