BMC Concrete Deck Weighbridge

Trade approved weighing up to 100 tonnes with improved surface traction and rust/corrosion protection

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Reliable, rugged and accurate weighbridges with concrete decks, providing improved surface traction and exceptional rust and corrosion protection.

Each BridgeMont concrete deck weighbridge features:

Versatile vehicle weighing

BridgeMont concrete deck weighbridges are suitable for virtually any application or vehicle.

Long life, high strength

A composite design means only the top half of the deck is poured, allowing the concrete to stay in compression and resist cracking. Tension forces are handled by the high-strength steel structure below the concrete.

Superior build quality

Each weighbridge is made using the highest quality structural steel, with continious welds for extra strength and a solid underside for maximum rigidity.

Proven weight sensors

Quick, accurate readings are achieved from our Weigh Bar weigh sensors, regardless of temperature change, vibration and shock loads on the scale.

Outstanding warranty

Each BridgeMont steel weighbridge structure is backed with a 5 year comprehensive warranty, while weigh bars and load cells are backed by a 2 year warranty for your peace of mind.

Protected from the environment

Environmental seals, stainless steel sheathed cable, surge protection, heavy duty coatings and rugged construction help protect every weighbridge from adverse weather conditions and operating environments.

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