Silicone Manufacturer Increases Throughput

Due to increased production demand, a silicone manufacturer needed to speed up its filling operation significantly. Avery Weigh-Tronix specified an automatic drum filling system which has doubled throughput at the plant by streamlining the operation.

The system was installed within a critical 2-week installation period and comprises a indicator with conveyor control system and a floor scale, both located in the hazardous filling zone, with the process controlled by a PLC housed in a safe area nearby. The PLC was specified by the customer to enable interface with the mainframe, for visibility and control of plant performance.

Empty drums are unloaded directly on to the conveyor and are allocated into one of eight storage lanes. An orientator automatically turns the drums to the correct position. An electronic bung hole sensor was chosen instead of a mechanical device, which ensures that high throughput is maintained and reduces product spillages. Filled drums are moved along the conveyor, capped and then palletised ready for transfer into the storage area or onto a lorry for delivery.


  • Throughput has increased by 100% to keep pace with production.
  • After the drums are unloaded, the entire filling operations automatic, improving efficiency.
  • Operators do not have to manhandle heavy drums –reducing the likelihood of injury.
  • Meets all hazardous area requirements – for safe, compliant operation.
  • The PLC control system can be tailored to suit the client’s requirements.