ZK830 High Resolution Digital Checkweigher

Fast, reliable checkweighing.

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Fast, reliable and extremely accurate, the ZK830 has been created with the user in mind, with easily operated under, over and accept bands and a PLU target weight database capable of holding up to 40 target weights.

The ZK830 can quickly display weight within an accepted band at a glance, for a fast and efficient checkweighing process.

Offering a wide range of connectivity options, the scale can be linked to most PCs and printers. This then makes production data capture for analysis effortless and enables production lines to be fine-tuned to maximize output.

The ZK830 can also be set up as either a dedicated counting scale or standalone bench balance.

Key features

  • Configurable, modular system: flexible to meet your application needs
  • Packed with innovative functional features, designed with the user in mind
  • Outstanding sampling accuracy
  • 100,000 division, non-legal-for-trade out of the box repeatable accuracy
  • 10,000 divisions legal for trade
  • 1 billion internal count resolution
  • Strong rugged base enclosure with over 1100% overload protection
  • RS232, USB and Ethernet connectivity as standard

User friendly target bands

Designed with prominent under, over and accept bands, the operator can quickly and easily set the ZK830 up to identify when the required weight has been reached: ideal when repetitive checkweighing is required. When fitted with a remote keypad, the ZK830 can also store up to 40 individual PLU target bands along with any required tare weights.

Easy-to-use indicator

Created with the user in mind, the ZK830’s easy-to-use six key indicator has been designed to keep operator training to the minimum and to also speed up the weighing process. The ZK830’s firmware uses proven easy-to-use target setting routines to set up new under over and accept target windows, which can help speed up throughput while reducing operator fatigue.

Flexible connectivity

With a full range of communication ports, this high resolution checkweigher can also be connected to a wide range of devices from PCs and printers, to scanners, remote displays and external light stacks, making data capture easy.

Ball top option

For applications where heavy boxes or items are constantly being weighed to then reduce lifting and increase throughput.