BWB Batching Weigh Bars

Batching Weigh Bars from Avery Weigh-Tronix convert your bin, tank or hopper into accurate, dependable scales with minimal interruption.

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Fully washdown WeighBar, ideal for food and chemical weighing applications

The BWB batching weighbar features a self-leveling chain link design, making it ideal for hoppers and silos, where vibration and off-center loading can be a problem.

The chain link assemblies are also fully washdown protected, for food and chemical applications.

Corrosion protection, mild steel weighbar

The BWB is made of mild steel with epoxy paint for corrosion protection. It is sold in kits with capacities from 1500 lbs to 80,000 lbs.

Legal for trade

The BWB weighbar is trade approved, for applications where product is sold by weight, and is accurate to 5,000 divisions.

The BWB batching Weigh Bar is a 350-ohm, full bridge singled ended cantilever-type Weigh Bar.