Weighbridge Solution and Service Provision Improves Efficiency at Malaysian Steel Mill

Finding a service provider who understands your business and has the product and service capabilities to meet your needs is crucial to your success. In the case of a large Malaysian steel mill, Avery Malaysia was that service provider, chosen for their ability to support the mill’s growth plans and operating requirements on a long term basis.

Prior to Avery Malaysia’s appointment as Service Provider, the steel mill had four weighbridges operating at their manufacturing facility. As the business grew and production levels rose, issues began to occur with the accuracy of the ‘bridges and the incumbent weighbridge vendor was unable to provide prompt service to fit around the operating hours of the plant.

High traffic volumes were compounded by the fact that the plant did not have suitable weighbridge software to identify different types of product or materials and their movement between multiple warehouse locations, storage yards, and scrap yards.

Integrated Weighbridge and Software Solution

The steel mill approached Avery Malaysia to assess the issues at the site and provide an integrated weighing solution to improve the operation’s efficiency, accuracy, and security. After consultation, Avery Malaysia installed a complete unmanned weighbridge system. By installing new load cells and weight indicators along with integrated software, the steel mill was able to utilise and convert the existing weighbridges on the site into a secure automated solution. The addition of a CCTV system enables capture of vehicle registrations and monitoring of each weighing transaction, helping to save time and reduce transactional disputes.

Weighing System Improves Security

Previously, a large number of personnel were involved in handling, weighing, loading and unloading millions of tonnes of steel across multiple areas of the site, leaving the business open to human error and fraudulent activity. As a result of the changes implemented by Avery Malaysia, the mill has been able to minimise operator interference and reduce the likelihood of fraud. Material movement is now controlled by the system and is assigned and discharged at various locations around the factory. The improved security, enhanced efficiency and reduced need for manual intervention and manpower has resulted in huge annual savings.

SP Tan, Managing Director of Avery Malaysia, commented, “The improvements in operational efficiency at the steel mill show that is it is vital to select a reliable partner with the ability to provide specialist products, technical and maintenance support over the life of the equipment.”