ZM510-J2 Heavy Duty Steel Deck Weighbridge

For industrial use heavy duty weighing of trucks and road vehicles with exceptional precision and reliability. 50 to 120 tonnes.

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The ZM510-J2 heavy duty steel deck weighbridge’s outstanding design incorporates the most advanced engineering and production technology. In fact, the weighbridge is suitable for almost any industrial application where weighing trucks or other vehicles is a necessity. Indeed, the scale’s rugged design and strength is market leading, providing the everyday reliability your business requires.

Platform Structure – Modular construction in widths of 3m and 3.5m, comprising 1-3 modules. (Up to 18m length, 120t capacity).

Mild steel, fully welded sandwich design provides maximum strength. Meanwhile, sealing the structure from the elements responsible for reducing the life of the deck. Chequered platform plates are used for improved anti- skid performance. The low height of the deck then saves the cost of ramps. They then are required for surface mounted weighbridges.

The first (base) module has four load cells supporting it. As such, subsequent add-on modules have two load cells. Cables are routed through conduits secured to the weighbridge structure.

Features and Benefits

Factory Assembled In fact, all our weighbridges are factory assembled to minimise installation time and ensure high quality product consistency.

Load cells – Our load cells are made to global standards from high quality alloy steel, that has been heat treated quenched and tampered to resist corrosion. In fact, the strain gauges are hermetically sealed against moisture or corrosive elements. This then ensures suitability for harsh environments. Internally fitted surge arrestors provide lightning protection for load cells.

Indicator – The ZM510 indicator with built-in application software or PC based software simplifies vehicle weighing and management of weight data records. The graphical 320×80 pixel, ISTN display provides visibility in all lighting conditions. The indicator has a built-in, real- time clock. The enclosure with IP69K rating is built to withstand all weather conditions. The indicator has built in connectivity with 3xRS232, Ethernet port for TCP/IP/, Ethernet IP or MODBUS, 2 x USB ports  and optional cards for wireless 802.11 b/g, Fieldbus Interfaces of Profibus/ Devicenet.

Guide Rails – Heavy-duty, Epoxy yellow painted guide rails are bolted in place to provide a strong, attractive barrier against accidental drive offs for surface mounted weighbridges. The 75mm diameter tubing is gentle on truck wheel.


Metal Beam Crash Barriers – Galvanized metal beam barriers, commonly seen on highways, are then fixed on both sides of the weighbridge to act as a guide to driver. The metal crash beam barrier is rugged and suitable for pit/ surface mounted installations. This then provides a natural barrier to other traffic.

Unmanned Systems – An optional addition to your bridge, unmanned systems allow you 24/7 scale usage without the need for an operator. Unmanned systems come with RFID readers, traffic lights and sensors. These systems are customised to meet your requirements.

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