Weighbridge Maintenance and Cleaning

Keeping your Weighbridge maintained and clean is an essential part of weighbridge ownership. Not only is it good practice to keep your bridge clean, it also contributes to a preventative maintenance plan and can significantly reduce the risk of equipment downtime and inaccurate weighing.

Two levels of weighbridge maintenance should be considered to form part of your regular maintenance plan.

Basic Routine Maintenance

Weighbridge maintenance should take place as part of a daily/weekly routine depending on the type of site. Additionally, the build-up of debris and water should be monitored and obstructions should be removed from beneath the bridge to provide clearance between the weighbridge and the ground.

Specialised Weighbridge Cleaning

Over time, the build-up of mud and debris can have a negative impact on a weighbridge’s performance. Compacted mud can set hard and reduce the movement of the weighbridge. Thus, this in turn causes reduced accuracy in weighing. In fact, certain types of site environments will suffer more with mud and slurry issues. However, weather conditions can also play a part. In these instances, professional weighbridge cleaning is advised to ensure the longevity of your product and your weighing accuracy.

Avery Weigh-Tronix offers a professional and bespoke weighbridge cleaning service to complement the preventative maintenance of your product. Our skilled team of weighbridge cleaners can work around your schedule to provide a service that will cause minimal disruption to your operation, including an out of hour’s option. Weighbridge cleaning does not require a complete shut-down of your weighbridge; however, the cleaning process will be quicker if it takes place during quieter hours.

Indeed, weighbridge cleaning is a highly skilled task and should only be performed by a trained individual with specialist equipment. In fact, the water jet force required to remove dirt and debris from around a weighbridge’s critical weighing points can, if not performed correctly, damage load cells and cabling. Attempting to clean your bridge yourself with pressure washing equipment can leave your service contract invalid if cells are damaged.