Weighing software for plant, production and warehousing operations.

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At the heart of our software solutions, the PlantPower software suite features a range of programmes specifically designed for plant, production and warehousing operations.

Operating on a Windows-based platform the solution captures, monitors and reports data across your core business functions to allow you to analyse results and make informed decisions.

With a modular structure, the solution is highly versatile, allowing the user to customise the software to fit their business requirements and deliver results. Popular modules of the system include Recipe, Quality and Average Weight. These tailored modules allow you to meet legislative requirements such as traceability and average weight for item packaging.

Recipe systems

The PlantPower recipe software system offers users the benefit of consistent quality, reduced waste, better cost control and full traceability when weighing and measuring ingredients or raw materials for set recipes. For repeatability of mix, PlantPower tracks your recipes and ensures you produce the same high-quality products time and time again.